I think I have a new knitting addiction.

I never realized what nice projects small cowls can be. I’ve made my sister a few now – the first was a few years ago for Christmas and she loved it so much I made her another one this year. It came out quite well and though I haven’t seen her use it, I can only hope it’s getting as much wear as the other did.

Recently, my brother requested a scarf. It is quite cold here and lately, the temperature has just been dropping. He’s outside frequently and he wanted something to keep his neck warm. I told him a scarf might take a while, but I managed to get a bandana cowl done in just a few days – it ended up being a birthday present for him. It tucks down into his jacket so it won’t pop out and there aren’t any annoying loose ends that seem to get caught in every wind gust and it has the bonus of being tall enough that he can pull it over his nose. After making one, I’d like to have one to wear to the barn in the winter – the design is just perfect.


Now, I’m the sort of person who likes to have a big project on the needles as well as a variety of quick, little projects. If I’m in need of an instant gratification project or some mindless knitting, I have that “on the side” for when I need a break from my more involved project. I stumbled across this Morse code cowl pattern a while back, added it to my Ravelry library and forgot about it. More recently, I happened to find it again after frogging a pair of fingerless mittens I wasn’t too fond of – it was fate. Being the Disney fanatic that I am (it’s not just me, it runs in the family – I swear!), I had to change the message from the one given with the pattern. In the center of the cowl, each word on it’s own line, my cowl says one little spark. I really hope I’m not the only Figment fan here.

I made a few alterations to the pattern. If you’re on Ravelry, all of my modifications are on my project page. If you aren’t, here’s a quick overview: I cast on 100 stitches using the long tail cast on as I used worsted weight instead of bulky yarn. cowl From there, I did one inch of 2×2 rib, followed by three knit rounds and one purl round. Hey – I wanted to be able to tell top from bottom without attempting to read my stitches. I then worked in stockinette until my entire piece, ribbing and all, measured 4.5 inches. The next round began my Morse code. Between each line, there are two rounds of straight stitch. After finishing the third line of Morse code (which is actually the first word in my quote), I worked 3.5 inches of straight stitch followed by one inch of 2×2 ribbing and a sewn bind off. It’s definitely a pattern that could be used with any weight yarn – just adjust your cast on number and go from there.



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